Claiming your creator collection



CLIPKICK acts as a directory and virtual town square for content creators. CLIPKICK does not host any content and does not have your videos. We simply make public links to your current platforms available to a larger audience. Every view you get from CLIPKICK counts on Youtube and others.  As the number of platforms where you upload your content grows, having links to your diverse set of platforms in one place helps with “cross-pollination,”  helping more people follow you from one platform to another. We also add features where you can communicate with all your fans and the growing creator community.

Most often, content creators curate their own collections on CLIPKICK, but our community team also selects outstanding creators and assists by organizing collections of their links to help boost traffic and views to all their platforms, all at no charge. If our community team has curated a collection for you, kudos! You’re obviously doing something right!  You can claim your account here and begin to curate your own collections and keep your account up to date with your latest material.  You can also create playlists of videos you like from anywhere, creating a channel on your brand.

CLIPKICK is a great free way to increase the audience on all your social media platforms since CLIPKICK naturally increases views & exposure where your videos are hosted! Sharing your CLIPKICK collection links also helps build your following and search engine rankings on all your platforms.

You can search to see if you have an account created for you at

After claiming your CLIPKICK account, you’ll be able to:

  • Add or delete video links in your collection
  • Arrange your videos into playlists called lineups
  • Update account information like description and social media links
  • Track number of clips and followers (likes and follow numbers are not public)
  • Respond to, like, and delete comments
  • Answer direct messages and message CLIPKICK users
  • Share your CLIPKICK account link or link it to your website to showcase content from all your social platforms from a single location
  • Participate in CLIPKICK events and contests that connect content creators with film and television industry professionals

How to claim and verify your account

To begin the claim process, email your request with your CLIPKICK account user name to We will contact you to verify the account. After you are verified you will receive your log-in credentials and a blue verified star will be added to your account.