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We love content creators – and we have created a free and easy tool to get your videos and your social accounts in front of more people

You spend a lot of time creating fantastic videos. Then you upload them to the major platforms and wait for viewers to find them and engage. Of course, you want as many people to watch them as possible. But what more can you do besides spending tons of money? We are content creators ourselves so we understand. Whether you make comedy, inspirational, or tutorial videos; if you are an actor, singer, or performer; we created Clipkick to be a free and easy way to consolidate your videos in one place and get them exposed to more people.

CLIPKICK organically increases your social video audience and engagement

1) Create a free profile on CLIPKICK and consolidate videos from all of your platforms into playlists called lineups.   
2) Share your CLIPKICK account and lineups.
3) CLIPKICK links rise in search letting more people discover your videos, increasing exposure to all of your social platforms.

When you create a free profile on Clipkick and share your links to social media, more people engage with your videos as they move up in search engine rankings, exposing you to a wider audience. The more you share, the more your links rise in search. Clipkick also features content creator videos in the discover section, bringing new viewers to your social accounts every day. In most cases views in Clipkick count as views on the original platform that the videos are from.

Getting started with Clipkick is easy.

  • Download CLIPKICK for free in the app stores.  
  • Create an account. 
  • Save your content from all your social platforms into playlists called “Lineups.”
  • Share your CLIPKICK account, lineups, and individual video links on your social media channels on a consistent schedule.

  • Whenever you add new content to a platform save it to CLIPKICK and share the link.  
  • Watch your viewership grow.

Click here for more detailed directions on setting up your CLIPKICK account.