#Create Podcast Episode 1

#Create Podcast With Alan James Edwards Episode 1

Latisha Di Venuto

Today’s guest is actress, writer, director, and comedian Latisha Di Venuto. She is known not only for her work as a content creator with clips like “the worst token black chick anywhere” and “turn up alone” but has also appeared on mainstream shows like “girls”, and MTV’s Ladylike. Latisha is a first-place winner in the CLIPKICK Performers Spotlight contest. You can check out all her clips on Clipkick. Her user name is @lsdivenuto.

#Create is a podcast dedicated to creativity wherever it may be found. #(Hashtag)Create centers around interviews with content creators, entertainment industry professionals, and people that are expressing their creativity in their own special way. Discussions focus on individual’s interests, the creative process, and what drives their creativity. #Create is hosted By Alan James Edwards, founder and CEO of CLIPKICK, a media platform where people discover, collect, and share videos from anywhere online. Sponsored by CLIPKICK. Music: www.bensound.com

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