All finalist accounts have been reviewed by our judges and we are happy to announce the 




First Prize Winners


76th Street @76thstreet

“Beautiful singing voices, a fun and funny dynamic, and a great screen presence.”

Sofia Wylie @sofiawylie

“Loved her dance routines… each showcased her moves, choreography and performance skills really well.”


Gianna Simone @gsimone

“On point dramatic acting performances bringing realism and humanity to every scene.”


Winners receive one-on-one virtual meet and greets with contest judges.



Runner Up Winner



2Live Nation @2live.d

“Loved his screen presence and enthusiasm for his art form.”


Bonus Winner

Bonus winner for best-curated Lineup


– Dazzne LED light kit

Beorht Ayisi @beorhtlewinski Winning Lineup: foooodisbae

“With over 5000 clips, Beorht’s account is a treasure trove of pop culture, current events, food, and style.”


Congratulations to all the winners!


And thank you to the Creator Contest Judges

for helping to make this happen!


We want to express our sincere thanks to all of the talented content creators, actors, and performers who submitted their work to the Creator Talent Contest.  We appreciate the time and attention that you all put into your CLIPKICK collections and we will continue to promote your clips and build the performer community on CLIPKICK.

We encourage you all to keep updating your work in the app and getting to know each other by following, messaging, and sharing your CLIPKICK links!

Stay Tuned!