Inviting people to Clipkick

This page will help you easily invite people from your social networks and contacts to the Clipkick video watching community and build your audience.

  • Share Clipkick on Facebook and Twitter, text messaging and email

    Post a link to download the Clipkick app on your Facebook timeline or Twitter feed. Your friends, after clicking on the post, will be directed to either the iTunes or GooglePlay store (form to request invite to download Clipkick for android beta until Android release). Open the Clipkick App. Then Click on People. You will arrive at the People screen.

    Click Find at the top. You will arrive at the Find screen.


    Now click Share a Personal Invite Link.

    The iPhone share window will open.  Facebook from the available applications.



    Sign into Facebook, then add a personalized caption and share! Remember to select Public from the privacy drop down.

    Your post will look like this in Facebook. When people click on the post, they will be directed to the Iphone store or Android Beta invite request form, depending on the phone they are using.

    For Twitter, just select the app you would like to share through from the Iphone share window.

    When you select Twitter, sign in, enter a caption and Tweet!

    Your Tweet will look like this.

  • Send Clipkick invites directly to your Facebook friends via Facebook messenger

    Follow the steps described earlier to get to the iPhone share screen, find and select Facebook messenger.

    When Facebook Messenger opens, write a personal message, select your friends and click send.

  • Share from whatsapp, or any other app in your share menu like email, or text message

    You can also share from many other applications available in your iPhone share window, like whatsapp, email or text messaging. Just follow the steps described earlier to get to the iPhone share screen, and select the application you would like to share from.

    With some iPhones you can simply hold down the Clipkick App Icon and Click the Share Clipkick bar.

    • Share Clipkick from your contacts

      You can share via email or text to your contacts in Clipkick. From the Find Screen in the People click on Invite Friends from Contacts.


      A dialogue will appear asking permission for the app to access your contacts. Accept (Clipkick does not save or share this information) and your contacts will appear. Click on any contact and a window will show. If you contact has an email address and/or phone number the option to email or text an invitation to download Clipkick will appear.


      Select your choice, enter a personal invitation and send!

    • Share videos to Facebook and Twitter while sharing on Clipkick

      After your invitations are sent, another way to keep connected on social media with Clipkick is to share videos to your Facebook timeline are pages and Twitter simultaneously when sharing a video on Clipkick.  When viewers see your post they can click to watch the video (joining Clipkick to do this is not required) and if they choose to download Clipkick there are links on the video view page to do so.

      To share to Facebook and Twitter just select the icons on the Clipkick post screen.

      The post will look like this in your Facebook timeline.

      And when someone clicks on the post the page will open. The viewer can then watch the video without downloading Clipkick. The viewer can also, if they choose, click on the links to download Clipkick and follow you!

      Please contact if you have any questions.  Thank you for being a part of the Clipkick community of video lovers!