How to make a video playlist on your phone with CLIPKICK

With the number of video sites on the rise and new videos being added constantly, keeping track of your favorite videos across all those platforms can be a huge pain.

Not just that, but without having a way to consolidate your preferred clips, it’s more difficult sharing them to your social media channels.

I mean, as we all know, sometimes the process can be daunting. And who needs the trouble?

The question is, how do you combine your content in a single spot so you can get to it hassle-free any time you want? You know, without having to search for the videos online, again? What’s the best app to use?

Well, Clipkick could be the answer.

How to make a video playlist on your phone with CLIPKICK


Simply put, it’s an app that helps save all of your favorite videos online in a single spot.

And no, Clipkick isn’t just another mediocre app – no shortage of those out there. What’s unique is that it’s not trying to be everything to everyone. It’s specifically designed to help you bookmark and share your video content hassle-free.

Whether your clips are from YouTube or TikTok or Vimeo, or anywhere else public videos are available, you can save them all to Clipkick, a single spot, in an organized way. Clipkick conveniently organizes the video links for you, so you can play them anytime right from the app. No video files are uploaded to Clipkick, videos play from their original sources, which makes the app lightweight and fast.

How’s that handy, you might ask? Well, for all the right reasons. Let’s take a quick peek….


How CLIPKICK ticks…

You get to stay in the loop and never miss that irresistible video your friend (or favorite influencer) has shared on their social media channels. Yes, all of those clips are available (and somehow just pop up) on your Clipkick account. Provided you’re following the people in question.

Then the Clipkick app lets you share videos across sites, or with other users on the app, as easy as 1, 2, 3.

And here’s the good news! Easily save clips from your desired platforms without having to worry whether Clipkick supports it or not. Chances are it does. Whether you’re looking to save a video from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook watch, or any news or entertainment site, do it stress-free with the Clipkick app.

In addition to that, it couldn’t be easier to explore new clips on Clipkick. You see, other users are always saving videos to Clipkick, and sharing them with the community. Meaning, you’re likely to bump into new content when you’re least expecting it.

And yes, the Clipkick app is easy to use. It won’t eat into your time with a difficult-to-navigate interface because everything is so straightforward.


How do you actually bookmark a video from your phone using CLIPKICK?

Now, let’s get to what you were waiting for… the steps you should follow to save your videos to Clipkick.

It goes without saying you need to download the app first. And don’t worry, both Android and iOS are covered. Following the download, you’ll need to register.

Now, it’s time for some action! Just before you’re done with the registration, get ready to create a video playlist – or a Lineup, as they call it in Clipkick parlance. If you’re a video aficionado, you’ll pick it up in no time. What next? Name your Lineup – you can rename it later on, too!


But how do you make a video playlist with CLIPKICK?

Good question. Because you’re going to have to save videos to Clipkick to make more Lineups. But it’s all easy- peasy, in case you were wondering. And, just to prove it, open YouTube, Vimeo, or any favorite video site. Start watching a video – any video. In the process, hit the share button. Assuming you have the Clipkick app already installed on your phone, you should be good to share the video. The app’s icon will be sitting in your share tray. Hit the Clipkick icon and then select the lineup you want to save the video to. Repeat these steps and you will have a video playlist you can watch, share with your friends, post online, or even watch on TV by mirroring your phone!

Things will be a bit different if you’re an iPhone user, though. You won’t see the Clipkick icon straightaway. You need a bit of “digging in” to activate the Clipkick icon. This video will show you how.



But how do I share a video playlist from CLIPKICK?

When you are watching a video or lineup in Clipkick, just look for the share button and you are on your way!


Just so you know…

With the exception of Instagram, most video platforms count views inside the Clipkick app – amazing, right?.



You can change the look of your Lineup, whenever. From the order of your clips to the image cover to the title, you can switch them to suit your tastes and preferences.

With Clipkick, you’re in full control.


Is Clipkick worth the hype?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a content creator or content curator, or just someone who enjoys watching video clips, you want something that you can rely on. And Clipkick is sure to fit the bill.

From discovering new videos easily to saving clips from various platforms to sharing content to your social media channels, you can do it all with Clipkick. And did I say the app is easy-peasy to use, a good fit for when you want to save precious time and just enjoy the content you love!