Clipkick & Video Publishers:
A Perfect Match

Clipkick exposes publisher’s existing short-form video clips to a new mobile audience, extending their mobile reach. Publishers keep 100% of their advertising revenue.


We love publishers – and we created a viewing environment where they don’t have to share their ad revenue.

Publishers offer premium video content that deserves to be seen, but finding an audience can be difficult, and costly. Clipkick helps publishers reach targeted viewers with proprietary technology and a mobile app experience where viewers are actively searching, watching and sharing videos. Publisher videos clips, including their pre and mid-roll advertising, are viewed uninterrupted by this new audience.  Publishers watch the viewership of their videos grow and keep all of their ad revenue.

No setup or uploading of videos

Clipkick works with your existing video content. Participating in the Clipkick experience requires no setup and we don’t ask you to upload your videos to our platform.  We simply drive traffic to your current website video content with the app.

High engagement

Clipkick is a mobile application designed exclusively for experiencing videos. As a result our diverse user base has at least on thing in common, they are highly engaged video enthusiasts. With bookmarking and social sharing features, our users share and promote your content for you… and for free.

No matter who you are, if you publish videos, Clipkick helps

Monetize your video clips while promoting your long-form shows with  “snackable” video content. Keep your video clips and clip strategy under your control. News, Comedy, Entertainment, Food, Music; whatever your content, you will find viewers on Clipkick.

Clipkick Publisher Assistance

Contact Clipkick and become one of our featured video publishers. We can help you reach more views on the app and help you with our video strategy and video serving set-up.  We will help you make sure viewers have the best experience watching your vidoes, in Clipkick and on your website.

If you would like to learn more about the Clipkick send us an inquiry here.