How do I set up my CLIPKICK account?



Setting up your free Clipkick account is easy. Just download the app, register, and start saving video links from all of your social media platforms to playlists in the app we call Lineups. Then you can share a link to your Clipkick account with ALL of your videos in one place. You can also share links to specific lineups and videos you have saved and organized in Clipkick.

Here’s how to set up your account


Download the app

Download the app in the GooglePlay or Appstore.


To register, after opening the app, click on the Account icon on the bottom right…

…and the Login screen will open.

Complete the steps to register.


Create your first Lineup

At the end of your registration process, you will be prompted to create a Lineup. A lineup is a video playlist you can watch and share on social media or as a link. After creating your lineup you can edit the name later and/or create new lineups as well.

Start saving your videos to Clipkick

Watch this video to get some tips on sharing videos to CLIPKICK


The easiest way to bookmark your videos to Clipkick is by using your phone’s Share button while having your video up on whatever platform you are using. You can add ANY publicly available video clip to Clipkick this way.

After clicking the share button, the Clipkick icon will open in the share tray.

If you are an iPhone user, you will need to activate the Clipkick icon and move it up towards the top of your share list so you can access it easily. To do so after clicking the share icon, scroll to the right and click More. For Andriod users, this step is not necessary.

Now click Edit at the top of the screen. Find the Clipkick icon on the list of apps and turn it on with the toggle. Then select the plus sign. 


and move the icon up by pressing on the three bars at the right.

Now the Clipkick icon will be in your share tray. Just press the icon to save your video to Clipkick.

Below are instructions on how to bookmark videos to Clipkick from different video platforms

Save from Twitter

From Youtube

From Instagram Feed*

From Instagram TV*

For Instagram TV you will need to copy a link from Instagram, then open the Clipkick app to save the video.

From Facebook

Facebook Watch

From TikTok

From Vimeo


*Instagram does not currently count views outside of their application. Your Instagram account profile will show with the video on Clipkick so new viewers can start following your Instagram easily.
Editing Lineups

You can change the title, cover image, and the order of the videos in your lineups.The player screen will open to the lineup. Click the Edit Pencil at next to a lineup in MyClips or at the top of the screen when you have a lineup open.

On the Edit Lineup Screen, you can update information about your lineup and change the cover image. Click Edit Lineup Videos to delete or change the order of the videos in your lineup.


Click here to learn about sharing your account, lineups, and videos from Clipkick.