Sharing from CLIPKICK

You can share any video or lineup you have created in Clipkick on Facebook and Twitter or on any other messaging application. When users click on the link, if they have Clipkick the app will open to the clip or lineup you shared. If they don’t have the app they can play the clip from their browser. Users do not need to download Clipkick to view your videos.

Link your social media accounts

Before sharing on Facebook and Twitter you will need to link those accounts to your Clipkick. To do so click the Settings Icon on your MyClips page.

Select Linked Accounts.

Select Facebook or Twitter. Then sign into those platforms to link the accounts.

Note: When sharing on Facebook, if you want to share on a Facebook Page, (instead of your Timeline) select from the Tap To Change dropdown at the top of the screen and select the page would like to share on.

Start Sharing

Share your account by clicking the Share icon at the top of your MyClips page.


To share a lineup (playlist), on your MyClips screen click Share next to the lineup you want to share.

You can also click the Share icon at the top of the screen when you are playing any lineup.

You can invite people to collaborate with you on a lineup by using the Invite button.

To share a single video clip, click Share under any video on your player screen.

You can also share videos you see in your following feed by clicking on the … Three dots under the video you want to share.

Invite people to follow you on Clipkick

To invite people to follow you on Clipkick go to the Following feed page and click the Invite button at the top.

From here you can send a personal invite link to any of your contacts from the app via any messaging application. Note: if you use the contacts feature we do not save your contacts on our servers or share them with anyone. When someone clicks on this link and registers, they will automatically be following you in their Clipkick.